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Videos Being Watched Right Now

Blue Angels Solo 3 Days - 3 Sneak Passes

00:33 258100

Very short video of Blue Angels Solo John Allison performing Sneak Passes over San Francisco Bay during Fleet Week 2007. Thursday - Saturday October 4-6.

Drunk Helicopter Pilot

01:45 202556

Drunk Helicopter Pilot, funny candid camera! LOL!

French Air Force (must see!)

03:32 263075

An incredible clip of French Air Force!

Airbus E-Fan Elettric Aircraft HD

04:54 121461

Airbus E-Fan Elettric Aircraft

Sharjah International Airport 'Russian & Classic...

01:05 254975

- Classic Russian Aircraft! - Classic Boeings - 707 - 727 - 747SP! - Go on board an Ariana 727 and Aeroflot-Don Tu-154! - Full ramp access! - Subtitles include facts and history Sharjah Airport is known for its mystique of being a sanctuary for Russian aircraft and is home to airlines a...

B737 cockpit landing at Schipol

02:14 266385

B737 cockpit camera approach and landing at Amsterdam Schipol

Qantas' new A380 touches down in Melbourne for the f...

01:26 266236

The Qantas A380-842 named "Nancy Bird Walton" touches down at Melbourne (Tullamarine) Airport for the first time.

Mirage 2000 Orange Crash

01:16 264011

Mirage 2000 Orange Crash

Ultralight flying with GoPro Hero_Mountains, stream and g... HD

01:12 136499

GoPro Hero camera records the flight for memory

Airbus A380-800 Brake test

00:58 256526

A380-800 Brake test in overweight landing situation. Dynamometer energy: 125.2 MJ Brake application speed: 90.07 m/s Stop distance: 1120 m Mean deceleration: 3.62 m/s/s Energy absorption rate: 5.04 MJ/s.

Chinook RNLAF low fly by Deelen Airbase - HD video

00:48 151987

Demo in honor of 20th anniversary Air Brigade. The RNLAF Chinook came very close ............ Charlie callsign Grizzly

Bonjour from the chopper

03:22 263162

Whats better than flying first class? A private flight in the helicopter, no security, no delays.. Good ride!

Royal Brunei Airlines A320 Landing Brunei!!

00:29 241036

Royal Brunei Airlines A320 Landing Brunei

Airbus A380 Radio Controlled Model

01:58 256905

It's amazing what they can do with those little jet engines... It sure LOOKS like the new super-jumbo A-380!