Hello and welcome aboard, we are pleased to announce that TakeoffTube is back online. It's been a long time since our site was hacked and due to missing time and resources it was quite "abandoned". After a lot of work we succeded to re-establish the site and the videos too!! We are nowadays one of the few really indipendent video-sharing site still online. At the moment video uploads functionality is still on testing and not working properly but we hope to fix it in a few days. We ask the collaboration of all the Aviation enthusiasts asking them to report something not working on the site or better videos not working properly. Finally, if you enjoy our videos and what we do please consider to make a small donation. This can make the difference and will help us to pay the servers and the video-streaming bandwidth high costs.

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01:00 801


SAN FRANCISCO Pilotsviews of a Beautiful Approach!

01:00 742

SAN FRANCISCO Pilotsviews of a Beautiful Approach!

Last air combat of Douglas Bader, RAF legless ace WWII HD

05:19 2300

Music : "Reach for the Sky" Theme song from the movie of the same name by John Addison

Very Close Simultaneous Parallel Approach

00:28 2856

Very Close Simultaneous Parallel Independent Approach

PAULA Pilots the BOEING 737 into Sao Paulo Brazil

00:01 3392

PAULA Pilots the BOEING 737 into Sao Paulo Brazil

Intense BOEING 747 landing in Rain & Crosswind

01:00 6383

Intense BOEING 747 landing in Rain & Crosswind

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Boeing landing in St. Martin

01:49 253729

Boeing landing in St. Martin, just on the beach

Nano Quadrotors

01:42 185895

Experiments performed with a team of nano quadrotors at the GRASP Lab, University of Pennsylvania. Vehicles developed by KMel Robotics. Special thanks to Professor Daniel Lee for his support. REALLY FANTASTIC!!!

New Qantas Airbus A380

00:32 262459

Qantas is the world's most experienced airline. As Australia's largest domestic and international airline, our history is synonymous with the story of Australian aviation. Established in 1920 in a country of vast distances, long-haul air travel is our trademark.

NATO Frisian Flag 2013 too close for landing missed appro...

00:32 148447

RNLAF J-016 too close to J-002 for landing, forced to do a go-around.

Funny Airdrops

02:24 254308

Precision Military Airdrops! :-D

Dogfight F15 vs F15

03:50 151917

I made this video with avidemux . it's just an amateur work. I hope you will like it.

Monstertruck jumping airplane

00:07 261193

Bigfoots record jump at the tennessee aviation days airshow smyrna airport in nashville, Tennessee september 11, 1999

Airbus A380-800 Brake test

00:58 256356

A380-800 Brake test in overweight landing situation. Dynamometer energy: 125.2 MJ Brake application speed: 90.07 m/s Stop distance: 1120 m Mean deceleration: 3.62 m/s/s Energy absorption rate: 5.04 MJ/s.

Delta Flight 2284 emergency evacuation

02:24 213586

May 29 2011 Atlanta Airport - Flight Delta 2284 coming from Pittsburgh with 44 passengers on board and 5 crew members after landing emergency evacuation due to flames from the landing gear. Probably this was due to brakes become too hot causing the explosion of a tyre. No people were injured