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727 Love at Newark (1997)

04:29 97490


Funny ATC about Wake Turbolence

00:21 257632

Funny ATC about Wake Turbolence at JFK, funny!

Southwest Airlines Emergency Descent and Landing

01:22 217280

A Boeing 737 was forced to make a dramatic emergency landing in California, after a gaping hole ripped open its fuselage. The noise was like a gunshot, those aboard told. There were only minor injuries among the 123 people on board, but for the passengers abroad, the descent on Friday April 1st...

Cathay Pacific Boeing 747-400 taking off from London Heat...

00:23 266056

This is a Cathay Pacific Boeing 747-400 taking off from London Heathrow Airport. It is on its way to Hong Kong

SZB - Runway 15 - Weststar B727

02:14 188680

February 16, 2012 Weststar Boeing 727-23 VP-BDJ

Patrouille De France and Concorde Airshow

00:38 259088

A nice flight of the Concorde with the Patrouille De France.

Brewster Buffalo vs Ki-43 Hayabusa

04:47 102559

Aircraft of WWII, Southeast Asian Theatre

Tristar L1011-500 Lockheed at London Stansted 31 May 2011...

02:54 211924

31st May 2011 London Stansted Airport welcomed a Lockheed L1011 Tristar,this is a very rare treat as the L1011 has become a vary rare aircraft indeed. Built originally for Royal Jordanian, this, no US owned L1011 Tristar is the first I've filmed since 1996 and the first takeoff I've filmed.

Thrill of Landing a BOEING 787 over Maho Beach

00:01 10332

Thrill of Landing a BOEING 787 over Maho Beach

United 777 Landing KORD HD

01:11 155831

United 777 landing runway 28 at O'Hare, was so fun to spotting here. N772UA

Birdstrike during a Red Bull race

01:17 257311

Sometimes the sky is crowded, even with only 1 airplane in the sky. A birdstrike during a Red Bull competition results in damage to the aircraft.

fsx limited options

00:01 256729

the mission fsx limited options