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Breitling Air Race (Full Version)

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Breitling Air Race (Full Version)

A320 RAT Check

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Short clip showing the check of the Air Ram Turbine (RAT) of the Airbus A320.

Air Traffic Control and mother in laws

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A funny air traffic control conversation.

Small atc disagreement

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jfk landing funny ATC

Funny ATC at Manchester EGCC

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At Manchester EGCC the Jet2/Channex 792 made an amusing comment, which wasn't only funny, but soo true. That day at manchester was really rainy and windy, however when the Jet2 landed, it had stopped raining, but the pilots obviously saw on the weather radar a big patch of terrential rain or bad weather approaching the airport, and they were not at all wrong! It did actually start raining 10 minutes later.

Lufthansa A340-300 Pilot wants to leave hi...

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While waiting in a long queue for departure at New York's Kennedy airport, a Lufthansa flight crew is alerted to a possible fuel panel door open on the outside of the fuselage. After confirmation from another pilot, the Lufthansa pilot requests to leave the aircraft to close the door. After the pilot was cleared to close it, a little giggling from the Tower Controller ensues.

Air Jamaica A310 damaged by turbulence

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Air Jamaica A310 tail damaged by turbulence.

Air China 981 at JFK

01:42 261007 5

Air China 981 taxing to the ramp at JFK.. Quite a mess with english!

Alitalia vs Linate Approach!

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Alitalia pilot complaining about the request made by the ATC of Linate (Milano) to reduce speed during approach. This made the controller quite upset!Sorry, is in Italian language, but is really funny!

A320 takeoff from cockpit

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A320 takeoff from cockpit

A340 brakes test

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Atest performed by Airbus Industries to test brakes at their max psi power

A340 landing cockpit camera

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A340 landing cockpit camera