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Airbus UNABLE TO LAND due to Strong Crosswind

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Airbus UNABLE TO LAND due to Strong Crosswind

Ground accident Asiana A330 cutted Turkish...

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13 May 2018. An Asiana Airlines Airbus A330-323 (HL7792) and a THY Turkish Airlines Airbus A321-231 suffered substantial damage in a ground contact accident at Istanbul-Atatürk International Airport, Turkey. The A321 had arrived from Ercan as flight TK969 and arrived at the gate at 14:47 UTC. At the same time the A330 had commenced taxiing to the runway. Flight OZ552 was returning to Seoul, South Korea. While taxiing past the A321, the right hand wing tip impacted the the vertical stabilizer of TK969. The A321's vertical stabilizer was knocked over entirely and the A330's wing tip sustained serious damage.

Germania Boeing 737 ground collision El Al...

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Wednesday 28 March 2018: A Germania Boeing 737-700 (D-ABLB) was involved in a ground collision accident with an El Al Boeing 767-300ER (4X-EAK) at Tel Aviv-Ben Gurion International Airport, Israel. Germania flight ST4915 was being pushed back from the gate when the tail fin impacted the right hand horizontal stabilizer of El Al flight LY385. Both flights were cancelled.

Royal Air Maroc B737-700 Flaps Up takeoff?

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Video images purportedly capturing the 23 July departure of flight AT811 to Casablanca show the aircraft (CN-RNV) initially rotating with a high nose-up attitude. It momentarily lifts its main landing-gear before settling and lifting off again, only to touch down a few seconds later. The aircraft then reduces its pitch before becoming airborne and climbing away. Despite the attitude the aircraft’s tail did not appear to make contact with the runway. Flaps and slats were deployed??

Flying rescue over the Berlin Wall, 1989

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Two German brothers flew their ultralights to rescue their middle sibling from East Berlin.

Blaming the pilot

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The tragedy of Silkair Flight 185, December 19, 1997

B737 almost crash during crosswind landing...

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B737 almost crash during crosswind landing at Prague airport. Plane landed safely on second attempt.

After El Nino of 2015-16, greenery returns HD

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El Nino dawn<br /><a href=''><img src='' /></a>

AirPower 2016 F-16 of Belgian Air Force La...

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During Airpower 2016 in Zeltweg the Belgian Air Force F-16 did an emergency landing after an engine failure. This 4K UltraHD video shows the moment when the engine of Belgian Aif Force F-16 fails with a big blaze behing. Immediatelly the pilot started the landing procedure.

Sully - Official Trailer HD

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Trailer of the movie based on a true story. Cpt. Sullenberger (Tom Hanks) after dual engine loss managed to ditch in the Hudson River. All passengers and crew members survived. Movie Director: Clint Eastwood.

PATROUILLE SUISSE Before Mid-Air Collision...

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Two Swiss F-5 fighter jets from the Patrouille Suisse on Thursday in Bitgum near Leeuwarden Air Base, with one crashing in a pond and the other [J-3088] landing safely with a damaged stabilo and aileron. The Swiss defence ministry had been dispatched to the Netherlands, comprising flight safety specialists and a care team for the pilots. The pilot of the F-5 Tiger II fighter jet [J-3086] who crashed ejected before impact and landed in a greenhouse, said Air Force Commander Aldo Schellenberg at a media conference on Thursday. He was not badly hurt but had a few cuts and bruises. Vliegbasis Leeuwarden, Leeuwarden Air Base, Luchtmachtdagen 2016, Dutch Air Force Days 2016, Open Dagen 2016, Falcon 900 T-785 SWISS AIR FORCE

RAF Tornado aborted, Wingman close call Ta...

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Aborted take off, little bit too close take off second Tornado. Close call wingman Vliegbasis Leeuwarden Leeuwarden Air Base Frisian Flag 2016 Tornado GR4