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Military Round Parachute jump TEUGE

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Vliegveld Teuge, Nationaal Paracentrum Teuge Skydiving, para, parachute Round Parachute jump, round canopy jump, Parachutespringen

MELISSA PEMBERTON Daredevil Aerobatics

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Melissa Pemberton extreme aerobatics with wingsuit skydiver and husband Rex Pemberton adrenaline kick with the "Love Twist". US Unlimited Aerobatic Team Zivko Edge 540 Melissa offers a solo aerobatic display in one of the most high performance aerobatic aircraft in the World, the Edge 540. The Edge is built in Guthrie, Oklahoma by Zivko Aeronautics and was designed to fly air races, World Level Unlimited Competition Aerobatic sequences, and dazzling and dizzying gyroscopic maneuvers. Weighing only 1200 pounds and powered by Ameritechís 11:1 compression, 400 horsepower IO540 engine and custom painted Hartzell Claw Propeller, the Edge is a powerhouse! Melissa strives to combine all of these aspects into one action packed display of the aircraft and pilotís capabilities. Melissaís display combines the high performance maneuvers learned through coaching and World Level competition, with tumbling gyroscope maneuvers learned through mentorship and practice. Her sequence finishes with an exciting Inverted Ribbon Cutting sequence at only 23 feet above the ground! The ribbon cut allows for volunteers to gain a first hand experience in the act by holding the poles that suspend the ribbon above the ground, which Melissa will first fly under, and then cut with her propeller. The Edge is not only an amazing aerobatic aircraft, but with 63 gallons of Avfuel in the wings and a beautiful avionics package provided by Sarasota Avionics, Melissa is able to fly it to locations all through North, Central and South America as well as throughout the Caribbean.

A380's up close HD

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A380's up close

AMAZING CRAZY Wingsuit flying!! MUST SEE! HD

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AMAZING CRAZY Wingsuit flying!! MUST SEE!

Skydivers miracle near miss collision with...

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Skydivers in free fall miracle near miss collision with airplane

Alan Eustace secretly break Baumgartner's ... HD

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Alan Eustace, Google vice President, secretly break Baumgartner's parachute record!

Smiling Short SC.7 Skyvans are Beautiful -...

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Ugly Short SC.7 Skyvans are Beautiful OE-FDN Pink Aviation Services) + OE-FDP - TEUGE Airport. Operating flight's for a Dutch record attemp formation parachutejumping

Big Formation Skydive Mass Jump - Teuge 2014

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Big Formation Skydive Mass Jump - Teuge 2014

RAF Formation Skydiving - Falcons Parachut...

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Kleine Brogel Airbase 2014 - Belgian Air Force Days

When Dogs Fly HD

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When Dogs Fly. Filmmaker Dean Potter and his dog Whisper in this first base jump.