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Helicopter Crash-moron trying to flying (m...

01:20 296996 Lionel

Funny movie of a guy trying to pilot a small helicopter! :D

MiL-8 Hip Helicopter Crash

00:20 279963 Jocey

MiL-8 Hip Helicopter Crash during demonstration

Westpac Rescue Helicopter

02:39 277039 MR_Smith

9-1-09 - average quality encoded video .


02:18 276556 Kriss

Cobra crash Iraq, crew walked away just stunned....

Mosquito - The Ultimate Ultralight Helicop...

09:17 274766 fftvav

Today: 15th July 09 Mosquito - The Ultimate Ultralight Helicopter (Part 1) Is it possible? A helicopter for $30,000 that drinks the same fuel as a light aircraft? The rules say helicopters are expensive but this helicopter breaks all those rules. Is the dream of flying like a bird finally here? Coming soon - Pooley's AirDay FullFlap.TV Private, Commercial, Fun - Monday, Wednesday and Friday Aviation TV for the new era of flying.

Helicopter almost crashes on takeoff

00:23 273715 MR_Smith

That helicopter almost crashes during takeoff, crazy!!

Mi-2 helicopter crash at landing

01:06 273312 MR_Smith

The pilot of this Polish built Mil Mi-2 helicopter came in to land with a high rate of descent, Fortunately nobody was hurt.

Nice Pick-Up!

01:00 272896 MR_Smith

Check out and see the great skill of the helicopter pilot during this pick up! ;-)

The revolutionary Eurocopter

01:21 270933 MR_Smith

European group Eurocopter showed off a revolutionary winged helicopter on Monday, in a bid to counter U.S. rival Sikorsky's efforts to break the speed barrier by rewriting rotor-craft design rules. The X3 hybrid heli-craft which combines forward facing propellers astride two short aircraft wings with the familiar overhead rotor blades seen on any normal helicopter was unveiled following months of secrecy. The half-plane, half-helicopter design aims to overcome chronic obstacles to high-speed helicopter flight by combining the advantages of fixed-wing aircraft with those of a standard helicopter allowing it to fly at 220 knots or 400 km/hour. The move by the world's largest civil helicopter maker came less than two weeks after United Technologies unit Sikorsky claimed an unofficial speed record of 250 knots (460 km/hour) with its own avant-garde prototype called X2.

Grand Canyon Helicopter tour

00:37 270458 MR_Smith

Taking off with helicopter from bottom of Grand Canyon

Gazelle Helicopter vs Porsche 911 GT3

02:56 268982 Afterburner

This is a really amazing race not the same already seen.. The Gazelle is one of the fastest helicopters in the world so what's going to cross the line first? On board cockpit and car views!