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Ultralight fun flying_Landing on farm run way HD

01:25 9409 retiredman9

Aircraft : RANS S-6, 65 HP Rough field landing Final approach 54 mph Touch down at aprox. 48 mph

Flying in El Nino and La Nina sceneries HD

01:49 16420 retiredman9

El Nino makes for parched, rain staved land. La Nina induces green and fresh.

Ultralight fun flying_Power-off stall HD

01:13 12125 retiredman9

At stall break, the nose of the aircraft drops a little. Just release the pressure on the control stick. The aircraft will dive a little. On opening up engine it will start flying again.The height loss is less than 100 feet.

Ultralight fun flying_Low flying HD

01:31 13250 retiredman9

Music : Japanese Happy Song, Cheerful, Joyful,../ White Noise Relaxation

Escape from the Iron Curtain in a microlite

02:29 18532 retiredman9

In 1984 Ivo Zdarsky escaped from the Iron Curtain in a microlite he designed and built.

Ultralight fun flying_Taking off from gras... HD

01:17 18575 retiredman9

Grass surface offers soft cushion and small rolling resistance. Music : Near Dawn _ Bangkok Symphony Orchestra / pibpundao

Crazy Bush Pilot Takeoff

00:09 17458 Afterburner

Super Crazy Bush Pilot Takeoff!!

Flying to Balaton Lake (Hungary)

01:00 20094 case106

Balaton Lake and Venice are the destination of this flight form Italy with a Cirrus SR22

Landing at Dakhla (Maroc)

01:00 17814 case106

Landing at Dakhla airport in Maroc with a Twin engine T2006 Tecnam

Flying to Banja Luka (Bosnia- Erzegovina)

01:00 13012 case106

Three ultralight flying form Italy to BAnja Luka for tourism

Flying to the Meteora

01:00 13737 case106

A flight to Greece in the Meteoras Region. Meteoras are old monasteries perched on the rocks.

Zadar express

01:00 11630 case106

One day aerial tourismo to Zadar (Croatia) from Italy.