Concorde taking off from Bournemouth

Concorde taking off from Bournemouth

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Stood at the end of the runway as Concordes takes off

Videographer: Charles – thanks for the clip

Location: Bournemouth, Matchams Lane- (EGHH / BOH) Hurn International

Country: United Kingdom

Date: May 22, 2000

Bournemouth International Airport is famous for its involvement in the Concorde programme, the famous moveable-nose and other hydraulic units were designed and built here. Concorde flew into Bournemouth on many occasions, including a flypast in 1982 and April 1996 when it landed to open the new runway.

June 2nd 1910, Charles Rolls, a well-known aviation enthusiast and joint-founder of Rolls-Royce became the first Briton to be killed in an aeronautical accident when the tail of his Wright Flyer broke off. The crash site is now St Peter’s School field Bournemouth

The UKs airport and an aviation first!
Until 1949, when Heathrow opened, Hurn Airport was the UKs post-war international airport and was the starting point for the countrys first-ever truly intercontinental flight from Britain to Australia, something that not even Heathrow or Gatwick can claim!

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