Hangar 24 AirFest 2017 – 13 Minutes of Aviation

Hangar 24 AirFest 2017 – 13 Minutes of Aviation

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Finally got a new camcorder! (OK, I actually got it at Christmas but didn’t have much use for it until now.) I couldn’t get into the gates this time (It was too hot anyway, and expensive), so therefore no announcer. But we do have something even more beautiful in my opinion: the sound of those airplane engines roaring. I did my best without a tripod and the limited zoom; some videos are better than others. Not to mention my battery got very low towards the end (I had to use my mom’s phone to record the F/A-18 demo, and the battery on her phone was also, ironically, low.)

If you want, you can skip to see a certain part:
0:00-4:26: John Melby and the Pitts S-1-11B… 4:27-5:35: Sammy Mason and the Pitts Special… 5:36-9:37: Warbirds (Corsair, P-51, etc.)… 9:38-13:07: Patriots Jet Team… 13:08-13:56: US Navy F/A-18 Demo

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