Tom Cruise Frightens James in ‘Top Gun’ Airplane!

Tom Cruise Frightens James in ‘Top Gun’ Airplane!

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Tom Cruise is known for his daring stunts and his ability to take on any role. But in the 1986 classic Top Gun, he took it to a whole new level.

In the movie, Cruise plays Maverick, a hotshot fighter pilot who is sent to the Top Gun Naval Fighter Weapons School to hone his skills. During the course of the movie, Maverick and his co-pilot, Goose (Anthony Edwards), are sent on a mission to intercept a group of enemy fighters.

The mission is a success, but it comes at a cost. Maverick and Goose are forced to eject from their plane and parachute to safety. But before they can do so, Maverick has to face off against one of the enemy fighters in a thrilling dogfight.

The scene is intense and thrilling, and Cruise does an amazing job of conveying the fear and excitement of the situation. But what really makes the scene stand out is the fact that Cruise actually flew the fighter jet himself.

That’s right, Cruise actually flew the F-14 Tomcat fighter jet for the scene. He was trained by a former Navy pilot and was able to perform all of the maneuvers himself.

The scene is a testament to Cruise’s commitment to his craft and his willingness to put himself in danger for the sake of the movie. It’s also a reminder of just how thrilling Top Gun is.

The scene is one of the most iconic in the movie and it’s easy to see why. Cruise’s performance is electrifying and it’s a reminder of just how talented he is. It’s no wonder that Top Gun is still one of the most beloved movies of all time.

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