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Hawaiian Airlines DC-10 Runway Overrun

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Published on: Dec 1, 2011 Category: Airline Videos,   Incidents and Accidents,  

Dec 23, 2000. Papeete-Faaa Airport. The accident was caused by the failure, during the preparation for the approach, to take into account the risk of a storm passing over the airfield at the time of landing. The following factors contributed to the accident: - The crew focusing on lateral control of the airplane's track, due to a strong crosswind that was changing in strength and direction, and late thrust reduction, resulting in a glide and a long touchdown; - The late manual extension of the spoilers, which increased the length of the landing roll; - The presence of water on the runway, the low vertical speed during contact with the ground and perhaps the slipperiness of the runway, which made the airplane slide, in particular in the threshold 22 wheel touchdown area. One minor injury and the Aircraft was repaired.


Hawaiian Airlines DC-10 Runway Overrun Papeete Faaa Airport


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