Aborted Landing - FedEX Boeing 757 Go-Around London Luton Airport - 757 Awesome Power

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Published on: Feb 24, 2012 Category: Airline Videos,   Website: http://www.dancingmonkey.co.uk

I've never seen a FedEX Boeing 757 before, in fact I had no idea they even operated to London Luton, so I was happy to see one. I like the 757. Late afternoon of Thursday Februrary 23rd 2012. In this video I captured an aborted landing/ rejected landing/ go-around. Whatever the terminology I hope the absolute power of the 757 and engines come through in this video. It's a shorter video than I normally produce and for those of you that dislike the music, this one is au natural! - natural sounds only. Anyway, I had a great day at my unplanned, unexpected trip to Luton. I was grateful to the friendly security guys for letting me stay. I hope you enjoy the video, I really enjoyed seeing and hearing the power of this fantastic aircraft.


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