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Eurocopter Cougar AS 532U2 Royal Netherlands Air Force RNLAF Dutch Koninklijke Luchtmacht KLu) Royal Air Force Vliegveld Teuge Departure as DUKE4 through GLV 7 to Gilze-Rijen Air Base The Cougar is a transport helicopter, used for transporting troops and equipment. The Cougar can also be used as a fire-fighting helicopter with large fires. The Cougar can extinguish fires with bambi-buckets of 2,500 liters. Cougars are stationed on Gilze Rijen. The Cougar can have internal and external loads up to 9750 kg load sizes up to 10 500 kg. The flight range of the Cougar is 800 kilometers without fuel reserve. The glass of the cockpit features a fully digitized instrument panel. The Cougar has two makita Turbomeca engines. Continuous power is 1236 kW / 1657 hp and the maximum power is 1573 kW / 2109 hp. Seven Cougars are adapted to operate from the amphibious transport ship of the Royal Navy. They are equipped with inflatable floats, also called floaters, in order to maintain the helicopter floating on the water. This is not done much lately.


Dutch Cougar

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