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Roxana for VivaAerobus Calendar 2010

00:44 276594 Flying_Steward

Roxana model photoshoot backstage for calendar 2010 VivaAerobus. Location: Mariano Escobedo Airport (Mexico). For your eyes only! ;-)

Boeing 767 Thomas Cook Emergency at Manche...

04:25 276551 USA_Spotter

Boeing 767 of Thomas Cook airlines in trouble with under carriage smoke, in coordination with ATC to make emergency landing.

Take off from dusseldorf and landing at al...

02:36 276529 Rushcruiser

This video was created about one year ago, i don't like the way i put this all together, but due to the missing original files i am left with no other choice. i hope you enjoy, discription below: Really nice take off including whiteout felt like u got shot onto the air =D Afther that the pilot turned down the nose, gives u a feeling like ure floating =D.


02:18 276462 Kriss

Cobra crash Iraq, crew walked away just stunned....

B777 rainy cockpit landing at Cuba

04:43 276426 Afterburner

Watch this rainy landing at AVI from the cockpit of Air Europe Boeing 777 EI-CRT. I found it around the internet actually copyright is Tommy Mogren. Thanks

Bonanza Plane pass below Eiffel Tower!!!!

00:32 276374 Afterburner

The pilot decides to pass below the Eiffel Tower!!! On board camera, don't miss it!!!

Boeing 737NG Cockpit Preparation

05:17 276233 Boeingman

In this video you can observe a pretty complete Boeing 737NG cockpit preparation procedure before flight. Enjoy it!

Big RC Helicopter with rotating camera

03:02 276208 tuckie

Equiped and flown by: Model: Schlüter CB5000 Field: Els Cars, near Barcelona.

Acidentes Aeronaves Parte 3 - Aircraft Cra...

09:58 276113 Sigerb2007

Compilação de vídeos com acidentes com aeronaves.

Almost collision with aircraft

00:13 276110 Keeley

A skydiver comes close to hitting an airplane while in free-fall...

Not so TopGun!

01:09 276102 Batman

Inflight refuelling problems for this pilot. The comments are from the cockpit of the tanker and are in Italian language.

Saab Viggen

03:42 275997 GForce

The now retired Saab Viggen. Footage taken from the 'Show must go on' video